Reference projects

Reference projects


When Gardermoen was expanded back in 2015, Søran AS was responsible for the full production and mounting of the cornice and band thatching on the trainstation.

Troll station on the South Pole

In 2005 and 2006 Søran went on a “tinsmith expedition” to the South Pole, more specifically the Troll station. There we constructed, produced, delivered and mounted complete roofing above all the housing modules at the station. The roof is built to withstand winds up to a double hurricane (a regular hurricane is measured from 33 m/s)

Søran was also responsible for the mounting of a complete ventilation system at the Troll station on the South Pole.

Søran AS - Referanse
Søran AS - Referanse - Troll

Ventilation housing

Band thatching of a ventilation house delivered by Søran.

Søran AS - Referanse

Kiwi Harestua

Søran delivered all the exterior tinsmith services when KIWI Harestua was built.

Søran AS - Referanse

Colosseum Park

Håndløper, gelender og rekkverk i rustfritt stål levert av Søran i trapper og gangarealer i Colosseum park.

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