Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor

We provide services in all kinds of work with customized roofing, gutters, and sheet metal. Our goal is for the results to always meet your expectations.
We can manufacture and install your chimney case, roof hood, window cills, flashings, and snow guards.


  • Measuring, manufacturing and installation of chimney cases, roof hats etc.
  • Measuring, manufacturing and installation of all kinds of flashings
  • Installation of snow guards
  • Installation of gutters and downpipes


  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Coated steel
  • Plastisol


A chimney case will protect your chimney from rough weather. We custom make and install flashings in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we will manufacture cases designed to meet our customers’ measurements and specifications.

Solid chimney cases are the best protection for the chimney. They prevent rain water from seeping into the chimney. As our customer, you need to specify if your chimney is ventilated or not. This is of crucial importance in terms of measuring and installation of the chimney case. If unaccurate information is given, it can lead to unwanted consequences like condensation.


Snow guards prevent avalanches from the roof. We will custom make and install snow guards according to our customers’ needs. Snow guards are made in the standard colours provided by our suppliers.


Gutters and downpipes protects both the roof and the frontage of buildings by guiding the rain water away. We can provide and install gutters and downpipes that will accomodate our customers’ needs, and suit their measurements. Gutters and downpipes are made in the standard colours and sizes provided by our suppliers.


Copper is completely maintenance-free, easy to customize, and has great durability. Copper has been used for roofs and facades all the way back to the 12th century. It is a very traditional material. So this material is very suitable for use both on roofs and the frontage of buildings. Copper crumbles with only 0,1 mm per 100 years and therefore has a life expectancy of several hundred years.

There are several variations of copper:


This is the untreated variant of copper. Nature itself starts the chemical reaction when the product is installed. On roofs, the green colour will show after about 20 years. This is because rainfall will affect the oxidation process. On a wall, the dark brown colour will endure through the years because of less rainfall and because the facade will dry out quicker. In a moist climate the copper will oxidate and first make a brown patina that in the following years will turn green. The green surface will protect the copper from further weathering.

Copper does not dissolve in water, but will oxidate in contact with air. In a dry climate with less humidity copper will get a thin film that will prevent further oxidation. This is why the weathering process will vary with location.


Green Pre-Patinated Copper is a product where the supplier has enhanced the process of patination. The patina is a chemical conversion process whereby the top molecular surface of the copper sheet is enhanced and forced to produce a natural patina.


This is a product where the copper has already been shaped into the characteristic dark brown colour, but will keep evolving into green the natural way.


Zinc is well suited for both roofing and facades since it is easy to shape and also is a maintenance-free and classic building material. Zinc is available in multiple colour combinations.

With zinc on roofs and facades, you can create your own personal touch. Zinc will develop its own unique patina and is maintenance-free. With zinc you can get exciting facades and great roofs with a durability of a hundred years.

There are several variations of zinc:


Natural zinc is the classic material for all roofing techniques. Natural patina is enhanced by weathering and protects the material, making maintenance unnecessary.


This option is especially recommended for visually demanding roof- and facade sheets, covers and rain management systems. The surface that is pre-patinated from the factory ensures that this material is delivered with its characteristic grey look.


The surface of pre-patinated black is a darker type of this eco friendly material. Its unique processing qualities and the many options for different designs, makes pre-patinated black particularly useful for metallic buildings and their accessories.


The materials coated steel and Plastisol are most frequently used for fittings. These sheets are in stock and is available in a wide selection of colours.

Roofing Contractor
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