We make all kinds of fittings for roofs and building fronts. Fittings can be made in a variety of materials like coated steel, painted steel sheets, aluminum, zinc or copper

  • Window fittings
  • Roof end fittings
  • Cornice fittings


Window cills are horizontal fittings placed above and below the windows, usually with folds at each side. The window cills have different profiles and must be adjusted to each window. Window cills should droop about 15 degrees to help drain rain water away from the windows and prevent leaks.  This can vary somewhat, related to the size of the fittings and weather or not the wall is exposed to rough weather. If the fittings have a low angle it is especially important that the folds both below the window and on each side of the window will meet and make a tight corner.

When working with a brick wall, we can either cover the edges on the sides with a fitting that is brought in between the bricks, or finish the pertruding part of the window cill close to the facade with a stop end. Stop ends are most often used with concrete facades.

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